About us

We will try to make progress in response to the needs of optical technologies and make everyone around us happy.

Toa Optical Technologies Ltd. contributed greatly to the development of the optical and camera industry in the 20th century with its advanced technologies of optical system, precision photography and microfabrication.

In the 21st century, optics has been expanded from visible light to ultraviolet and infrared rays, and to terahertz world, and applied and adopted in various fields, such as medical care, security, in-vehicle, robot, lighting, communication, and IoT.

We provide total support from design of optical parts and units to trial and mass production.
Our continuous and consistent operation system makes possible hight quality, low cost and short time production.


Our emblem consists of “T” combined with “∞” , which signifies Toa and infinity, the infinite possibilities and permanence of our company.