Jig tool / Adjustment / Centering machine

Designing, development and manufacturing of positioner, adjustment tools, and adhesive assembly tools

By combining the optical technologies and the latest mechatronics technologies, we consistently design, develop and manufacture assembling tools and equipments for adjustment and alignment of high precision optical devices.

Please contact us :

  • If you have problems in adjusting and aligning high-precision optical devices.
  • If you can’t reduce the man-hours and takt time in assembling and bonding high-precision optical devices.
  • If you can’t afford to develop and design jigs and tools by your selves.
  • If you want to make jigs and tools within a fixed budget.
  • If you want to know the expertise as well.

Typical products

  • Fiber centering jig
  • Precision positioning positioner
  • Alignment stages
  • Fiber module assembly jig
  • Fiber array assembly jig
  • Strobe module assembly jig
  • Angle adjustment jig
  • Collimator centering machine
  • Drive adjustment jig
  • LC centering jig
  • Mounting centering jig
  • LED adjustment jig
  • Waveguide centering jig
  • Finder assembly jig
  • FA equipment
  • Adhesive jig
  • Pasting jig
  • Measuring jig
  • Other simple jigs
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Prism joining jig

(PBS, hollow rod, integrator, etc.)

We will join prisms, rods, etc. with high accuracy (within 1 minute).
We will consult with you regarding the selection of adhesives and jigs and tools for joining.


Typical products

  • Beam splitter
  • Optical engine
  • Hollow rod
  • Bonded lens