Plastic forming, molding, and cutting

Plastic forming and mold production (spherical lens, aspherical lens, prism)

From mold making to forming, we are capable of producing small lots to mass production at low cost through our fully automated system. In addition, we also support direct cutting and polishing such as acryl, Zeonex, and polycarbonate.
By direct cutting, time and cost spent on molding is significantly reduced. A prototype of plastic aspherical lens will be produced and available in small volume at low cost.


Typical products

  • Spherical lens
  • Fresnel lens
  • Fly-eye lens
  • Prism
  • CCD/CMOS compatible lens
  • LED lens
  • Flash panel
  • Aspherical lens
  • Free-form surface lens
  • Condenser lens
  • Lenticular sheet
  • Toric mirror
  • Cylinder lens
  • Reflector

Direct cutting of plastic optics

Direct cutting and polishing of plastic aspherical lenses, free-form surface lenses, and prisms.

This is a direct cutting / polishing technology for prototypes, small quantities of plastic aspherical lenses, free-form surface lenses, and prisms.
We can manufacture prototypes, small quantities of plastic aspheric lenses, significantly reducing the time and cost of raising the metal mold.

  • Fast delivery in two weeks (+ time for overseas delivery)
  • 1/10 of cost compared to conventional prototype molding
  • Available materials: Acryl, Zeonex, Polycarbonate etc.

※Some materials cannot be processed due to the shape and the required accuracy.

※For details, please contact us.