Precision photography

Micro precision photofabrication of deposited film, Micro processing of optical film

With a precision photo technology, we offer an integrated processing of micro precision photofabrication on glass substrate, synthetic silica, silicon, film, wafer-deposited film, and micro processing of various high functional films and optical film including high-resolution film. We also process negative and photomask by laser direct drawing.


Products guide

Metal film Photofabrication(Cr, Cr2O3, Al, Au, Cu, Ni etc.)

Precision scale, Reflection scale, Chart, Scale, Encoder slit, Electrodes etc. Minimum line width 1μm


Thin film Photofabrication

Lift-off, SiO2 diffraction grating, Laminating precision photography etc.
Fine patterning with glass corrosion etching is also available.


Glass corrosion etching processing

With a precision photo technology we can provide micro grooving, hole making and diffuser panel.

  • Microscope glass slide
  • Microreactor
  • Focus filter
  • Diffuser panel
    (transmittance control available)

Precision scale processing on film

We can provide precision scale patterning on PET film with resist and also stamping consistently.

  • Forming tolerance ±0.01mm
    (Desired value of ±0 )
  • Misalignment less than ±0.03 for the pattern
  • Processing such as precision photo scale, coloring is available.