Optical thin film

Vacuum deposition, IAD, IBS, DS (available)

With a variety of film formation technology, we offer a proposal according to optical properties, specifications, applications, and cost. From trial manufacture to mass production, we realize the quality and specifications which meet the demand of most advanced products.
Please feel free to contact us when you have any problem with costs or delivery.

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Metal Film

A Variety of Metal Film : Al, Au, Pt, Cr, Ti, Ni, Mo, Cu, Ag

Typical products
Mirror, ND filter, Electrodes, Film formation for precision photography

Dielectric Multilayer Films

Materials of Dielectric Multilayer Films : Titanium oxide (TiO3), Silicon oxide (SiO2), Niobium (Nb2O5),Tantalum (Ta2O5), Magnesium fluoride (MgF2)

Typical products
Anti-reflection film (single layer, multi-AR)
IR CUT filter
Half mirror
PBS coat
Mirror for visible light laser diode
Wide band interference filter
Short pass filter
Dichroic mirror
Wideband hot mirror, hot mirror
Notch filter
Multilayer filter
Band pass filter
UV cut coating
High precision laser mirror
Long pass filter
Dichroic filter
Dichroic mirror
Visible light block filter
UV hot mirror
Dichroic plate type beam splitter

Work scenery

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