Photo etching

Micro precision photofabrication of deposited film, Micro processing of optical film

With a precision photo technology, we offer an integrated processing of micro precision photofabrication on glass substrate, synthetic silica, silicon, film, wafer-deposited film, and micro processing of various high functional films and optical film including high-resolution film. We also process negative and photomask by laser direct drawing.

  • 光学フィルムの微細加工
  • 微細精密写真

Products guide

Metal film Photofabrication(Cr, Cr2O3, Al, Au, Cu, Ni etc.)

Precision scale, Reflection scale, Chart, Scale, Encoder slit, Electrodes etc. Minimum line width 1μm

Thin film Photofabrication

Lift-off, SiO2 diffraction grating, Laminating precision photography etc.
Fine patterning with glass corrosion etching is also available.

Glass corrosion etching processing

With a precision photo technology we can provide micro grooving, hole making and diffuser panel.

  • Microscope glass slide
  • Microreactor
  • Focus filter
  • Diffuser panel
    (transmittance control available)

Precision scale processing on film

We can provide precision scale patterning on PET film with resist and also stamping consistently.

  • Forming tolerance ±0.01mm
    (Desired value of ±0 )
  • Misalignment less than ±0.03 for the pattern
  • Processing such as precision photo scale, coloring is available.